our commercial video process from start to finish

So you have found SHOEMAKER FILMS and are ready to take the next step in creating unique and compelling content for your business? This outlines our process, from start to finish, on how we work with clients on a video-based project.


Our first step is to setup an initial discovery call or meeting (we offer virtual meetings on Zoom, but we prefer face to face). This will allow us to gain some insight about your business, get to know you and your team personally and professionally, offer some information about how we have helped similar organizations, and learn about your specific project or marketing gaps.

From the first handshake, this is when we begin collaborating with you and your team. A great meeting will have a healthy back-and-forth of conversation and ideation that leads to some clear pain points and a rough agreed-upon solution that we can take back to our “lab”.


A follow up call or meeting is scheduled for a few weeks out (depending on your timeline), and in that time we will build a creative brief, production plan, and proposal for your review and approval. This will include a summary of our shared vision of the project, all of the storyboarding, shot list, creative considerations, and logistics including costs, timeline, deliverables, and distribution channels. Your project may have additional post-production criterion, like voiceovers, motion graphics, animations, etc. All of that will be discussed and documented and included in our proposal. Once we have a plan and contract in place, we pick our production/shoot day, and any further pre-production planning is completed.


This is when we move into the production phase – and shoot day – where we bring the project to life. This can be anywhere between 2 hours, a half day, full day, etc. – whatever the project requires. We have a 1/2-ton truck that includes everything needed to get the job done – Netflix-approved cinema gear, lighting and modifiers, professional audio gear, grip/gaffer equipment, and more. Anything non-standard we will rent which will be discussed ahead of time. We will get the job done, professionally and safely, and on time (and on budget!).


Once we have completed our shoot(s) we immediately get back to our lab to ingest the media and back it up to our servers so the content is safe. We will begin to review the material and start editing. At this point you should expect to see an email (anywhere from a few days to a few weeks) with selections for music. Depending on the project requirements it may be 1 or more tracks to select and once the tracks are selected the music cannot be changed (this is because the edit will be so closely tied to the timing of the song selections). If there are additional elements to add, like motion graphics, custom typography, animations, or other items, this is where finalize this may solicit feedback during this process. We will schedule time for an initial viewing of the draft project, and collect your feedback. We are always considerate of feedback and believe this process is a collaborative one, so be critical at this stage – you are the one writing the checks and this is your brand! There are times however when edits or revisions may be out of scope and we need to update our contract – this is normal in this industry and is commensurate with our time and efforts needed to make the necessary revisions. We believe in making a quality product for you and we will always be open and honest about changes to the scope of work. Generally, we allow up to 2 revisions to the final video (does not include music changes or anything outside the original creative brief and production plan).


Once you are happy with the video(s) and we have exceeded your expectations, let’s talk distribution! We would have already mapped this out in the pre-production plan, but this is where we take the video and upload it, post it, run it as an ad, or however else you plan to get the word out about your brand. We will make sure the content is formatted properly for every platform – whether social (typically 9×16 vertical video for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.) or web (16×8 horizontal for your website, YouTube, broadcast television, etc.).


A quality content strategy is not a one-and-done activity. We prefer to work with clients who want to have an ongoing relationship. The ideal arrangement is for regular shoots – quarterly or bi-annually where we can keep your content looking fresh. Your business continues to evolve and you need to stay top of mind for your clients. We will work with you to continuously optimize your marketing strategy and create regularly engaging content that moves your business forward.

Ready to get started working with us? Submit a request today and let’s start making something awesome!