Shoemaker Lab 005 – Interview with Sheila Turner-Hilliard

Sheila Turner- Hilliard is the owner and operator of From the Top Dance Studio, located in St. Alban’s Circle in Newtown Square, PA. She is a dancer, teacher, entrepreneur, philanthropist, is the current President of Newtown Square Business Association, and a life long resident of Newtown Square.

From the Top Dance studio offers a variety of dance classes catering to all ages and skill levels, celebrating it’s 20-year anniversary this year. In this episode she shares her story growing up in the area and how her passion for dance and community-building began.

In 2010, her husband passed away from a brain tumor, which led her to self-publish a book on managing grief, “Suit Up, Show Up, Shut Up: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Grief”. She continues to give back to those struggling with loss and is active in the non-profit organization, Eluna (formerly The Moyer Foundation).

From the Top Studio of Dance is located at 3603 Chapel Rd, Newtown Square, PA.

To learn more, visit their website at

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